University of Cebu-METC Campus. English 2 (Writing in the Discipline for Maritime Students).

The 3 Purposes of this blog ;

to track my daily life. in order to that i have to write someting in this blog  like a diary, i can save my memories and daily events.

to widen our horizons and to help us to develop our learning.

and to prepare us to be successful.



Being a successful student is not an easy task to achieve. You have to face so many struggles in life to achieve your goals. But if you really want to be a successful, you have to do it in yourself first. You have to be optimistic that you will be a successful someday.

It is like adjusting your self from High School  to College, be responsible in your task to achieve your goals in life. To prepare your self in any problems that you will encounter, like preparing a big cost for the tuition. You have to manage also your time availability, to enables a college student to finish task in an orderly fashion. there is a lot of work to be done and most of it is in college student own time.

To widen our horizon  and to develop our skills, we must participate every activities that will be given to our instructors, we must familiarize the words or thing that can be use in our daily life, specially  when we are already at our daily work  in the  near future.

Every one knows that they have a responsibilities, even if they are student or a citizens in this country. For the student , your responsibility is to maintain your good grade for your own sake, so that you can graduate and fulfill your dreams.

Being  a citizen in this country, you must be proud  of your place. You must be responsible enough as a citizen in this country to maintain what had done our ancestors. We can also help to develop what they had done.




We as a Filipino, we known as a religious christian. We had a lot of culture, traditions or believing in any saints. We adore and celebrate it in every patron in every fiesta of it. Even though we don’t have enough money for the foods or etc. We still find ways just to celebrate it traditionally.

This is my first time that i celebrate the sinulog festival in Cebu. I was so amaze in this kind of celebration, because you can see how people devoted to their patron. You can feel the love and effort that they give for the fiesta of Senior Sto. Niño.

As for me, whom not a Lumad Cebuano. It is my first time to Celebrate Sinulog. One of the most grandest, most distinguished and colorful fiesta here in Philippines. It is held every 3rd Sunday of January. It is very popular to the tourist  who visit here in Cebu just to see and to feel on how dedicated the Cebuano is, on how strong the faith that they feel to their patron “Senior Sto. Niño”.

I witnessed this all. On how they permanently stay the celebration traditionally. The celebration traditionally lasts for 9th days when Sinulog Grand Parade reveals. Even from the start of celebration the people partly joined until the end. The day before the parade, the Fluvial Procession, a water-parade, held at dawn from the Mandaue City wharf to Cebu City wharf with the Senior Santo Niño carried on a pump boat decorated with hundreds of flowers and candles.

The procession ends at the Basilica where a re-enactment of the Christianizing of Cebu follows. In the afternoon, a more formal procession takes place along the major streets of the city, which last for hours due to large crowd participating in the religious event. People in the church did not go home because they want to celebrate this festival together with the Senior Sto Nino.

There are so many people at that time, they close the road, because of many people attended the procession, and also the fluvial parade or parade. All people was so busy at that time. Some of them attended the mass, some of them busy of taking care of their businesses, and some are enjoying watching the sinulog dance parade. We had an individual or different experiences during that time.

As for me at that night on the Sinulog Festival, I was enjoying watching the fireworks display at Ayala, and after that, we went to Basilca Minore del Santo Niño, the home of Senior Sto Nino. Many people wait for that moment because, their fireworks display was so beautiful.

The Sinulog Festival is one of the greatest festival in the Philippines, that’s why I am so lucky that I saw them all, how they celebrate the Sinulog festival. It was so amazing, that all presentation went good, and all the contestant were doing their best for this program.

This is one of my memorable year, because this year is my first time to celebrate the sinulog festival together  with the Cebuanos, because, i grow up in Leyte, and i came here in Cebu, because I was studying here.

Now I know that it’s more fun in the Philippines, and I’m very proud of being a Filipino. And someday. hope so that I can see also the other tradition in every island in the Philippines. I want to travel in every place, because I know that this country is so wonderful, full of love, full of joy, and full of adventure. I want to explore in my own, because I’m proud that I am part of this wonderful place, the Philippines. I will truly treasure it.


Self Introduction!

I am Jocer O. Ebero. 19 years of age, born on November 16, 1996. I came from Balugo, Albuera, Leyte. The hobbies/skills that I have are; watching television/movies, texting, playing basketball, running, swimming and dancing.

I graduated in Balugo National High School, last 2013. I was stopped for almost 2 years because of some financial problems. But now I decided to study again so that I can help my family in the near future. I studied in UC-METC, taking up of BSMT stands for Bachelor of Science Marine Transportation. I took up this course because I want to become a captain in the ship someday.