Why Rodrigo Duterte will be my Philippine President for 2016


          As Filipino citizen we are required to choose a leader that we think can hold us. As for me I wan’t to be  Mr. Rodrigo Duterte will be a president for this 2016 election. Because as what I see and heard how he leading the Davao City. Duterte can be safely considered as one-having waded through the intricate corridors of power and met head-on the monstrous challenges brought in by the four horsemen of the Mindanao Apocalypse: MNLF, MILF, NPA and super-though criminals all around him and managed to transform his city at par with International standard in terms of peace & order, government services, liveability & cultivation of human potential. How disciplined people are there. He have no fears to catch the holdapers, the criminals, and the New People’s Army (NPA). I believe that if Rodrigo Duterte will be the President in 2016, Philippines will be become a discipline, peaceful, and successful country. Rodrigo Duterte is a good samaritan. He cares to those people who suffer the corruption of the people  in our government. Lots of people want to have a new President that will help to the poor family to have a good work, to have a good income, and to have a new life. I know that all of the candidates for running president, they want a changes in our country, they want to help poor people have nothing to eat, they want . We can hope that a revolutionary government run by a man who wants complete overhaul has no problem to make drastic measures to accomplish his purpose of progressive Philippines. How strongly? Well, we can hope that it will be strong enough to make it business-friendly without severe deprivation of poor players in the economy.  But I believe that only Rodrigo Duterte can do those things because of his attitude or personality. He didn’t care whose his enemy, all he want is justice of the people who affected, suffered, and died because of criminality. Many people wanted to  win Rodrigo Duterte in this coming election because, like me, many people know what he is capable of doing good to our country. He can stop criminality and corruption, which is one of the topmost problem of the Philippines. The fast spreading of illegal drugs in the country are indeed a serious problem. However, Duterte aptly said that when you have peace and order, people will realize their full potential. Rightly so and the result – people eventually love him for what he has done. As residents of Davao explicitly expressed their love of the Mayor, Filipinos likewise will surely love him as soon as they see the results happening all over the country. Duterte is worthy of trust as iron-handed leader. However he should learn to respect Church leaders especially the Catholic group. This Religious denomination has the biggest number of Voting Populations of not less than 60 percent in the Country. Being a leader, he will just not do’s and do of he might think the good for his country. He also need a person (God) who will guide and bless him in any aspect that he might be doing for the good of his country. But still it won’t change my mind to choose Duterte to be a leader in this country. Rodrigo Duterte to be a President in the Philippines.


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