Why I’m a proud UC-METC Student!

I am Jocer O. Ebero a proud University of Cebu – Maritime Education and Training Center Student because, UC-METC is one of the good school in Cebu City. Their equipment are complete like their bridge, plotting area, radar. They have also the kinds of compass like Magnetic Compass, Gyro compass. The instructor of this school is also good. They teach the student about the techniques  and idea to become a good seaferer.

I learned a lot from this school.This made me so proud of UC-METC. I remember my first day in UC-METC that was June 8, 2015. In that day, I encounter some of their instructor. I was amazed because the instructors was so friendly and understanding. Mr. Emmanuel Enopia  is one good example.

From my subject Navigation 1, I learn the types of light that they use especially when navigating. I learn also what are we going to do when we are in the ship, or in the port. I learn also the uses of  of ropes. I learn how to use the ropes especially when were going to docking in the port.

UC-METC is a trustworthy school and one main proof of that is the presence of the government scholars of NIGERIA. Nigerians are here to study for their country knows UC-METC can provide good graduates. The name University of Cebu is not only popular in the PHILIPPINES but also in other country.

The big heart of University of Cebu President, Atty. Augusto W. Go made the UC main so proud. He is one of the great personality because of his goodness. Not just him, but also his daughter Miss Candice Gotianuy.


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